Vehicle wraps are 100 percent customizable. This advantage increases their attractiveness and turns them into a highly demanded car tuning product. Many companies are already offering vehicle wrap printing services, which also signifies that you can choose among numerous professionals providing high quality and affordable tuning material production.

A vehicle wrap is printed on vinyl. This material manages to beat the competition in terms of resilience. Vinyl is affordable, water resistant and capable of withstanding the effects of intense heat, intense cold and sunlight.

The material has a lifespan ranging between five and seven years. The good condition of the vehicle wrap depends on the place where the car is kept and the manner in which the vinyl is maintained in good condition.

The vinyl comes with a self adhesive side. The glue is very strong, providing the perfect fixation for the many years to come. At the same time, it is not going to damage the car paint located underneath. The vinyl wrapping can be attached to hardly accessible car parts or curved areas.