Paint Protection

3M PAINT PROTECTION film is a transparent, adhesive layer that is designed to protect specific car parts from impact during a trip. The paint can peel off, get scratched or start chipping due to the impact of gravel, small stones, sand and other flying road debris. In addition, paint is susceptible to staining and some of these spots are impossible to remove.

Paint protection films are transparent. They will maintain the appearance of the car unaltered. This kind of film is typically applied over the car parts that will be most affected and damaged during the trip. Coating the entire car is possible but this decision will be costly and impractical.

One of the best paint protection films available on the market today is called 3M Ventureshield Ultra. This thin layer is made of urethane and it comes with a five year warranty. It will adhere perfectly to any surface. The film is even suitable for application on cars, trucks, boats and aircraft.

High quality paint protection films will not become yellow or bubbly as time passes. They will maintain the transparency. The film can be washed. Unlike old kinds of vinyl foil, the new clear bra product does not let moisture settle between the protective shield and the car paint.